Contracts of Employment

22 Jan
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This is a massive one for me and one that I spend most of my professional career talking about!!!



15 Dec
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This is one you need to understand to ensure you protect your business!
Boring – Yes!
Essential – Yes!
Expensive if you get it wrong – Yes!

Special Needs

05 Dec
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People don’t need to be employees to take an employment tribunal claim against you (although they usually are, or have been). Job applicants who feel they have missed out on a job due to discrimination can also lodge an employment tribunal claim and therefore taking any special needs into consideration at the recruitment and interview stage is really important.



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28 Nov
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They say Silence is Golden and this can certainly be the case during an interview process. This is a classic case of the 80:20 rule. The candidate should be doing 80% of the talking – at least during the first part of the interview (when it comes onto them asking you about the company, role etc. this is your chance to sell the business to them).

In today’s video Top Tip, I share the 10 of Diamonds – silence!

Behavioural Evidence

25 Nov
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Want to know how well someone will cope under pressure or in an emergency?
Don’t ask “what would you do?”
Ask “What have you done?”

People learn from their mistakes, so look for what role they actually played in a situation and understand what they learnt from it. The past is for reference, not for living in.


24 Nov
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When you are carrying out an interview with a potential new employee, you need to make sure you ask the right questions. The right questions are ones which will enable you to get responses on which you can take a recruitment decision:

  • Can they do the job?
  • Will they fit in with the team?
  • Can they learn the skills they need, to perform at 110%
  • Will they be able to drive the business forward successfully?


Interview Set Up

23 Nov
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You only get one chance to make a first impression and the way in which you deal with the applicant throughout the interview process will say a lot about you and the business.

If you decide to make an offer and the candidate has more than one offer – you want them to chose you and the better their experiences with you, the more comfortable your interactions and the more professional and organised you appear, the more likely you are to secure the applicant of your choice.

Never forget that recruitment is a two way process – they have to choose to apply and then choose to complete the application process and then choose to accept an offer!


22 Nov
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Testing applicants is a great way of determining whether they can actually do the job you need them to do. You can test for skills, aptitude, personality etc. There are hundreds of tests on the market and selecting the right one is really important. You also need to ensure you know what a pass or fail looks like and why.

More nuggets for you in the video


Telephone Screening

21 Nov
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When you are recruiting, you could end up with hundreds of applications, once you have sorted the ‘not a chance’ from the ‘possible’, telephone interviewing is a great way of producing a manageable long list (or short list, if you are able to be that tight on your criteria).

Work out what your key questions are – if they MUST be able to drive, or MUST hold a specific qualification or MUST be able to work evenings, then these questions should form part of your telephone screening process.

Do make sure that you don’t inadvertently introduce any discrimination – you can ask any question, it is how you do it which matters!!!

Sifting CVs

18 Nov
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Once you have a pool of aplicants, you need some way of determining who to short list, who to reject and who to keep warm and put on hold. In today’s 52 Top Tips, I share a few thoughts.

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