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05 Mar
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Well written policies and procedures which are communicated and applied consistently are the key to ensuring that the risk  of discrimination is reduced as much as possible.

Employees (as well as workers and job applicants) could bring claims for discrimination on the basis of Age, Gender, Race, Beliefs, Marital Status, Disability and Sexual Orientation.

Care must be taken not to over generalise i.e. “everyone must wear trousers” or “everyone must work on a specific day of the week” as this could have a disproportionate negative impact on a sub sect of your workforce. Therefore you end up discriminating against some, as a result of trying to treat everyone the same.

BNI – 60 Seconds – 9th November

09 Nov
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Can your clients afford to settle an employment tribunal claim?

Now, I don’t like scarring you, but in 2009 – 10, there were 392,800 claims of which 24% were working time directive related, 19% were unauthorised deductions from wages and 32% were unfair dismissal, breach of contract or redundancy related.

– In 2008 – 09 the highest award for unfair dismissal was just over £84k while the average was just under £8k. This excludes time and the cost of advice and representation.
– For Race Discrimination the maximum award was just over £1.3m and the average award was £32,115.
– Disability Discrimination cases settled by the tribunals included a case awarded £388,612, averaging £27,235.
– For cases with Sexual Orientation Discrimination jurisdiction, the maximum award handed down was for £63,222, and these cases averaged awards of £23,668.

The biggest gift you can give your clients this year, is to make sure they are fully compliant with employment legislation.

Today, I want to help you to protect your best client. I am looking for a referral to your best client (as long as they are an employer).