Special Offers

July 2014

Purchase a contract of employment and get a FREE bespoke policy

All our documentation is designed to meet the specific needs and culture of your business or organisation. We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ as what you get is never what you actually need.

 Contract of Employment

A contract of employment is a mandate to manage your staff effectively. It needs to be written so that it is legally compliant, but so that it reflects the culture and long term objectives of your business. After a thorough consultation with you, we develop a template which can be used for permanent full time and part time staff.

FREE Policy of your Choice

A small business does not need to have a full employee handbook, but there are times when it needs a robust policy for a specific issue.

This month employers can choice from the following list and get a FREE policy when they purchase a contract of employment:

          • flexible working
          • parental leave
          • company cars
          • social media
          • sickness absence
          • annual leave

Normally priced at £300, this month ordered with a contract of employment, you can have a bespoke policy for FREE

To claim your July Offer, click here and put code: Julyweb in the subject line

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