HR Support

HR support will mean different things to different clients. Where a small business employs less than 30 people, there is unlikely to be any dedicated Human Resources Management. These responsibilities are either looked after by the owner, the PA or the finance director. In many cases, advice is sought from solicitors which can be costly and not particularly SME focussed. In medium sized organisations, there may be a nominated individual who has all or part of their job dedicated to HR issues. They are often not trained Human Resources professionals and will require external HR support and advice.

In large organisations where there is are HR professionals and often a dedicated Human Resources department, there may be the need for additional HR support in the form of an interim HR manager for a specialist project or to cover a long term absence i.e. sickness or maternity.

DOHR supports small and medium size businesses as they develop their HR strategy and require advice on a whole range of day to day HR issues. Human Resources support and advice on employment law matters can be provided in the form of telephone and email support or through regular on-site visits. An HR support contract allows DOHR to plan and work long term  with clients and to influence their HR decisions for reduced risk and long term gain. The HR support service can be combined with any of the other DOHR services and would be a long term relationship strengthened over time.

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