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HR topics are always in the news, but we don’t always realise the impact that news items will have on our employees or the way in which we manage them. On this page, you will find links to news items which we feel are particularly relevant to HR, small businesses and our client’s needs.

25th September 2013

A different kind of company structure and culture

When we are working with start up businesses or businesses taking on their first employees, we ask a lot of cultural questions to help us advise on policies such as sick pay, flexible working and holidays. In this article, one American technology company has a very unique culture. It is worth reading, it provides food for thought to business owners and will send many running for their Boardroom Table!


2nd September 2013

Payment of Interns

If you employ an intern, they are working regular hours and doing a real job, adding value to the business, then the intern may be entitled to be paid the National Minimum Wage. Many recent graduates will offer to work for nothing due to the lack of paid opportunities and the need to obtain experience, but legislation never designed to cover interns is being changed by case law and increasingly payment is required.

9th August 2013

Reward not linked to objectives

As an employer, one method of rewarding staff is based on their achievement of business objectives. This may be through pay increases, bonus payments or sales incentives. One recent survey shows that most employers do not link reward to business objectives. The article can be read here.

Growth in job vacancies

According to a recent report, the job market is increasing, providing more and more opportunities for employees. This has certainly been our experience as an increasing number of clients are taking on new staff. A report summary is available.

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