Sadly, Sexual Harassment is all over the news right now.

And the institutions affected are all large and well known.

But don’t be fooled by that.

Look closely at some of the allegations and it is obvious why they are classified as sexual harassment, but in other cases, it is far less obvious.

No matter the size of the business, the bigger the issue becomes in the press, the bigger the issue is for every single business owner.

Whether it’s the Metropolitan Police, with accusations of institutional racism, misogyny, allegations of sexual harassment and domestic violence, the CBI, McDonalds or the House of Commons, sexual harassment in the workplace is increasingly being discussed.

The new legislation, which is going to shortly be with us all, is putting a duty on all employers to PREVENT sexual harassment in the workplace. Not to investigate it after it’s happened, not to say sorry to those impacted, not to support an employee who has made allegations of sexual harassment, but to PREVENT sexual harassment from happening in the first place.

So how do you protect your organisation in a time when even asking someone out on a date or asking someone for a coffee could be perceived as sexual harassment?

The legislation isn’t yet with us, but as soon as it is, every single organisation across the UK is going to have to ensure that they have measures in place: policies, procedures, codes of conduct, etc. to PREVENT sexual harassment of their staff. This obligation extends not only to preventing members of their existing staff sexually harassing others, but by job applicants, service users, customers, suppliers, donors, trustees, boards of directors, volunteers and anybody else that an employee will come into contact with as part of their duties for you as their employer.

You need to be prepared.

You need to understand this legislation, and you need to understand what you can do as an employer to protect yourself should an employee take a claim against you. There are no barriers to employees taking claims in an employment tribunal, so all you can do is have the best possible defence to demonstrate that you have done everything reasonably practical to prevent sexual harassment occurring within your workplace.

In this one day masterclass we explore the different types of bullying, discrimination, harassment and victimisation, before doing a deep dive into how to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace.

You are 100% responsible for what happens in your business and this new legislation is making that responsibility even greater than ever.

You will leave with a useable policy, code of conduct and the knowledge, understanding and tools to help you manage the introduction and ongoing responsibilities being placed on all employers.

Even attending this masterclass will help you demonstrate your commitment to PREVENTING Sexual Harassment in your workplace.

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