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Hi, I’m Donna Obstfeld, owner and managing director of DOHR – the multi-award-winning HR practice based on the London-Hertfordshire border.

I am really excited to be able to share with you the launch of our new product: the HR Knowledge Pass.

From Line Manager to Business Owner, the HR Knowledge Pass is a must for you and your business, giving you the opportunity to learn from our highly-experienced team of HR advisors and specialists.

From September 2019 we will be running monthly webinars designed for people managers – people who are responsible for managing others whether it be in a charity, a business, or even a school environment.

At DOHR, we support over 450 SMEs. We often receive the call for help after the Manager has started to deal with the problem and unfortunately, in many cases, the wrong steps have been taken, either leaving the situation unresolved or, making it worse.

Business owners generally want their HR stuff to just happen, their staff to be awesome, fully engaged with their business and causing no stress at all. Unfortunately, people are people. They are emotional beings with their own needs and wants, their own ideas and skills and their own minds. Hiring, Managing and Inspiring superstars is hard work and there are no real shortcuts.

At DOHR, we love to make the workplace a better place to be – a place where employers are hiring the staff they need, managing them effectively and protecting their businesses.

We often talk to our clients about risk. Not the insurance type, but the people type. Employing people is risky. It can cost you a lot in terms of time, money, stress and reputation. One of the biggest problems that we have is that people come to us when they’ve already got a problem. They’ve left it slightly too late and they may already have a grievance against them because they haven’t followed a proper policy or procedure or worse still, an employment tribunal.

We don’t want you to end up in an employment tribunal a result of removing an underperformer from your business.

The HR Knowledge Pass has been designed to provide busy business owners and line managers with practical, business-focussed HR knowledge.

As a team, we have over 50 years of HR and management experience and expertise. The HR Knowledge Pass gives you the ability to learn from our experts through a series of monthly webinars. The webinars will help line managers and those people with staff management responsibilities to understand what needs to be done and why, in order to ensure that your staff are managed in a legal and practical way.

We are bringing you 12 webinars which will take place once a month starting in September. The topics include hiring, managing, inspiring and firing superstars; managing bullying, harassment and discrimination; managing sexual harassment in the workplace; and managing terminations legally.

Whatever your topic, whatever your issue, whatever your role, if you’re managing people within an organisation, you need to have the tools to enable you to ask the right questions earlier enough to make good quality business decisions.

The HR Knowledge Pass will give you access to our specially designed HR Webinars for entrepreneurs, business owners and line managers.

Each session will be delivered as a 45-minute live interactive video webinar, followed by a Q&A session. Each webinar will be recorded with access to slides and/or video content afterwards.

These webinars are practical, business-focused and will deal with the people management issues that come with running a successful organisation, no matter what your size or the number of employees you have. The knowledge you’ll take from each webinar will enable you to be more effective and to ask the right questions of your internal specialists or external advisors when dealing with HR issues.

The first webinar takes place on the 19th of September. You can see the full schedule below and if you buy your Knowledge Pass during August, we have some exceptional offers for you.

We’re offering three different levels of the HR Knowledge Pass, meaning that there is an option for everyone.

The first level of the HR Knowledge Pass is the Silver pass – giving you access to join the live webinar as well as receiving a copy of the training material. If having registered for the session, and you’re then unable to attend, you will still receive a copy of the training material.

The next level is the Gold pass. This has the same benefits as the Silver Pass plus you’ll receive a link giving you access to the video of the webinar, so you can watch the session again. If you were unable to attend the webinar live, this is a great way to access the webinar content.

Our top-level Platinum Knowledge Pass not only gives you access to the live webinars, the training material and the webinar recording but also gives you access to the complete library of previous webinars in this series too.

Also, for our Platinum Knowledge Pass members, we’re running three VIP events: one in November, one in February and one in May. Here you’ll get to hear from and work with top HR advisors in dedicated Platinum member-only sessions.

You can purchase your HR Knowledge Pass in two ways.

Our ‘pay as you go’ pass enables you to participate in the specific webinars that you want. You just sign up, pay and attend.  ‘Pay as you go’ is only available for our Silver and Gold level passes and costs £125 or £175 per webinar respectively.

The annual subscription HR Knowledge Pass is available at all three levels, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Silver pass costs £90 a month for 12 months, but if you pay for the full year in advance you save £130. The Gold pass costs £125 per month for 12 months. If you pay for the full year in advance, you save £300. And our Platinum-level Knowledge Pass costs just £175 per month but by paying for the full year in advance you save £300. Remember, with the Platinum Knowledge Pass, you get full access to the back catalogue and the exclusive VIP sessions for Platinum members.

Benjamin Franklin said: “An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest”. 

So that’s what I’ve got for you today. We’ve got an HR Knowledge Pass giving you and your line managers access to up to 15 specialist HR webinars. The full list of webinar dates can be found below. Remember, these webinars aren’t just for solicitors or for HR Managers. These webinars are designed for people like you who want to learn how to best handle situations that will arise, to understand where the risks are and to know what questions to ask and when.

At DOHR, we want to save businesses time, money and stress. We want to help employers to attract and retain the best possible staff. We want to ensure that employers are not paying disgruntled employees thousands of pounds to do nothing or worse yet, leave the business.

If you employ staff, just having access to a legal helpline is of no real value unless you are practising good HR every day and know when it is the right time to ask for help.

Our biggest challenge is getting people to think about the implications of their actions before they do it. Employers are generally very well-meaning. The problem is employees are people and when they don’t get their own way, they’ll find ways to get their own back on you. That’s human nature. It’s not pleasant, especially for small businesses, especially when people have been working for you for years. Employers always think it’s never going to happen to them, and yet, experience tells us, it does!

We’ve seen some horrendous situations over the years. In one instance, just one 15-minute phone call to us could have saved the employer a £30,000 pay out as a settlement to the employee when they left, plus another £2500 in our fees. In another situation, an ‘off the record’ comment, cost the employer £50,000 in damages in an Employment Tribunal. Add to this, our fees, the solicitor’s fees and the barrister’s fees, plus stress, sleepless nights and the disruption to the business with the situation dragging on for over a year. All this, because the employer made a comment which was deemed to be discrimination on the basis of age, and it was off the record.

We, at DOHR, do HR. What we want is for employers to know what questions they need to ask, when they need to seek expert advice and when they need to just be aware of the implications of what they say and what they do. Because however well-meaning you are, your staff are people too, and if they have an opportunity to raise a grievance or to take you to an employment tribunal, unfortunately, history tells us that they will.

The HR Knowledge Pass is the best investment you can give your business this year. It’s the key to protecting your business. We can’t promise you, and nobody can promise you, that you’re never going to be taken to an employment tribunal. Anybody who promises you that is lying. But we’re giving you access to our expertise and a set of tools that will set you and your business up for years to come. A way of managing, a way of inspiring, a way of dealing with situations to mitigate the risks associated with employing people. You can’t grow your business without your staff, but at times your staff can be your biggest headache and your biggest risk.

What we at DOHR are aiming to do, is to give you the ability to have the right people in the right jobs at the right time, doing what you need them to do. As line managers and business owners, you need to hire the right people, to manage them effectively, to have proper policies and procedures that protect your business and are legally compliant and to understand how to inspire your people.

And if you do need to get rid of them for any reason whatsoever, be it retirement, redundancy, sale of a business or just that they’re not performing, then the HR Knowledge Pass will give you the information you need before you just let them walk out the door.

I’m Donna Obstfeld, from DOHR, the multi-award winning HR practice. We support over 450 SME clients nationwide across all sectors and now we’re giving you access to our knowledge and expertise with the HR Knowledge Pass. We’d love to have you join us.

“Knowledge is Power”

Francis Bacon

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”


The ultimate HR Management training for non HR business leaders,
to help you stay out of employment tribunals
and grow a successful business
through effective people management.


Our 2019 / 20 Webinar series starts in September and consists of 12 sessions.

Delegates participate with a ‘knowledge pass’ and these can be purchased on an annual or ‘pay as you go’ basis.

With a choice of three delegate levels (silver, gold or plantinum) there is an option for everyone.

Dates for the webinars are as follows:

1Introduction to HR19/09/2019
2Hiring, Managing, Inspiring & Firing Superstars17/10/2019
3Sexual harassment awareness14/11/2019
4Recruitment & Selection05/12/2019
5Performance Management09/01/2020
7Absence Management05/03/2020
8Bullying, harassment and discrimination02/04/2020
9Employment status30/04/2020
10Disciplinary & grievance handling28/05/2020
11Coaching and mentoring25/06/2020
VIP 1HR Leadership05/11/2019
VIP 2Values + Culture = Success13/02/2020
VIP 3Understanding Employees14/05/2020

Online booking will open on 1st August, but to get your knowledge pass now, call 01923 504100 or email

*These dates are provisional and any changes will be confirmed at least 2 weeks in advance.