Head Teachers And HR

As a head teacher, you are very familiar with curriculum development, behaviour management and whole school planning but, until recently, HR was handled by other people – often by the LEA. Today, you may be finding that HR is something that you, as a head, are being asked to get involved with more often.

To deal effectively with HR, you need an HR resource you can call on when you need it. At DOHR we know about HR. We also know about schools and how to handle HR in schools.  We can work with you on all your school’s HR issues, including:

  • Employment issues

We can draw up contracts of employment when you employ new staff, and ensure that all your contracts are created in a consistent manner. We can write and regularly update your staff handbook, so that your staff members will always know the procedures to follow when they need to inform you that they will be absent because they are ill, or when they need to take time off to deal with an urgent family or personal issue.

  • People management

You have a duty of care for your employees and an obligation to deal with staff in a fair and consistent manner, whilst ensuring that all your management procedures comply with current legislation. We can draw up your procedures for managing your staff. We can also help when you implement your procedures and have queries and questions about how to deal with specific situations.

  •  Managing poor performance

You do your best to help your staff members to improve their performance, but you also need procedures for dealing with staff who consistently under-perform. You need a process for managing disciplinary and grievance matters, including an approach to dealing with staff members and their union representatives and, in some cases, a strategy to help you to prepare for an employment tribunal. We can help you to manage all of these situations in a professional way.

  •  HR administration

We know how stretched your administrative resource is and how time consuming HR reporting can be. At DOHR we can help. We can send out requests for references and contracts of employment. We can ensure that sickness and absences are monitored and details reported.  We can also keep your personnel records up to date.

Head Teachers And HR

DOHR offer a range of services to help head teachers and school leaders to manage HR successfully.

When you work with DOHR we will help your senior team to identify your specific HR requirements. We will then offer support tailored to address your identified HR needs.  We will advise you on HR issues and help you to deal with them in accordance with best practice.

Now you know about DOHR, you know where to come when you want to find out how to manage your school’s HR processes to high standards.

Talk to us on 01923 504100. Ring soon to arrange a free onsite meeting to discuss your school’s HR needs and aspirations. Remember that at DOHR we do HR. Work with us and you will have an expert HR resource to call on whenever you need it.