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Easier to dump your partner than ask for a payrise





Discussing a pay rise can make for a pretty tricky conversation, whether you’re the one doing the asking or you’re the one being asked.

In fact, recent research shows that British people actually dread it more than any other conversation, including breaking up with a partner!

Well, that’s what this article from the CMI shows…

Now, the fact that staff find it difficult to ask for a pay rise doesn’t surprise me at all, but the fact that they would rather split with their partner than have the conversation with their boss ….. well, that’s a lesson for us all.

Yesterday, I spoke with Roberto Perrone on the BBC three counties radio drive time show and we discussed how an employee should ask for a pay rise

Here’s a 6 minute snippet of the show for you to listen to…

Click here!
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But as employers, you may now find yourself on the receiving end of a request for a pay increase and how you respond to that request will say a lot about you and your business. Here are some quick tips:

  • Don’t let a request catch you off guard – have a plan in case an employee makes the request
  • Don’t shut the door in their face – If you don’t have time for the discussion there and then, book them into the diary so they know you will make time for them
  • Don’t just say no
    • if they have done their research, tell them you will look at it and come back to them
    • if they haven’t done their research, ask them to go away and build a case to convince you
  • If you say no to the pay increase, make sure they understand why
  • Provide a timeframe in which to review the situation, especially if they deserve it and you just can’t afford it
  • You do not want good staff to leave just because of a couple of thousand pounds, the recruitment costs may cost you more than that to refill the vacancy

 Here’s the link again if you need it More…. You want more?

And remember, if you need any help with difficult conversations, or want some impartial advice, we offer training and support to line managers and business owners, so just give me a call

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