The Complete Employer’s Guide to Annual Leave

Now available to purchase from Amazon, the Employers Guide to Annual Leave is a comprehensive and easy to read book for anyone responsible todeveloping policies on annual leave or managing those requesting annual leave.

Whether you are a line manager, HR professional, bookkeeper or payroll processor, this book will help you navigate through the easy and not so easy element of annual leave for UK employees.

In July 2022, The Supreme Court confirmed that using a percentage to calculate annual leave for employees not working a full year was no longer legal.
The percentage method of calculating pay and / or leave entitlement was based on the premise that part time staff got a pro rata amount of leave for the year as they are not working the full year.
Now, all employers must use an ‘average weekly pay’ formula based on a reference period to calculate how much to pay part year employees (those who work term time, school holidays or zero hours) each time they take annual leave and they MUST take 5.6 weeks of annual leave per year.
There is more about this in the book, but as it is so complicated, we have also developed a toolkit. You can find out more below.