HR Audit

Just like an auditor comes in and reviews all your financial affairs, so as HR auditors we will come into your business and review all of your Human Resources policies, procedures and practices. Using a variety of tools, which may include interviews with management and staff, questionnaires, document reviews, focus groups or process analysis, DOHR provides employers with a comprehensive report on their people management practices.

Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Practices

Our HR Consultants will give you a report in an easy to follow, colour coded format, which enables companies to see where the greatest risks are to their business, required actions are prioritised and areas where you are performing well are highlighted.

Once employers have the report, DOHR are happy to quote for any actions required, but employers are equally free to take their report and source assistance elsewhere.

With claims and compensation ever increasing, minising the risk to your business is essential and understanding how compliant your business is with constantly changing employment legislation is the first step to managing your human resources so that they add value to your business without increaing your risk profile.