BNI – 60 Seconds – 2nd November

So, today is my birthday and tradition has it that when you work in an office, you take cakes in for your birthday.

Four years ago, I was working really hard, like I do and my boss forced me to have a break and to go over to Sainsburys and get cakes for everyone. As I came back loaded with bags, I took the lift up to the second floor. The lift decided it didn’t want to go to the second floor and it stopped half way between the first and second. The lift alarm didn’t work (great health and safety issue for an HR company) and I am not one to get hysterical and start screaming for help! I called one of my colleagues – thankfully my mobile worked in the lift – and when I finally convinced her I wasn’t mucking around, she raised the alarm.

Despite all best efforts, they couldn’t get me out and had to call the fire brigade who came and hand winched the lift up. The girls in the office couldn’t thank me enough – no not for the chocolate cakes, for the firemen.

I am Donna Obstfeld, the Company is DOHR and I make the workplace a better place to be and bring you all cake on my birthday, I am not after firemen but accountants in North West London would do nicely.