• Is It Safe Yet?

    Is It Safe Yet?

    In the past week, I’ve been speaking to a lot of employers who are pulling out all the stops to get their staff back to work and back into the workplace, wherever reasonably practical and safe to do so. While they’re leaving some staff furloughed and some staff working from home, many employers are trying…

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  • Walking The Plank

    Walking The Plank

    There may well come a time in your business life when you REALLY need a member of staff to walk the plank (leave). There are many reasons why this may be the case, but you must be aware of the ‘legal’ reasons for dismissal which are limited to: capability, behaviour, redundancy or some other substantial…

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  • Discrimination

      Well written policies and procedures which are communicated and applied consistently are the key to ensuring that the risk  of discrimination is reduced as much as possible. Employees (as well as workers and job applicants) could bring claims for discrimination on the basis of Age, Gender, Race, Beliefs, Marital Status, Disability and Sexual Orientation.…

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  • Snow Days

      How to manage staff when the English weather turns is always a topic for discussion among employers. In this video (one from our #AskDOHR series) we give employers different elements which they need to consider when making decisions about their business and whether or not to pay staff who fail to come to work…

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  • Time for a Spring Clean

    You take your car for an MOT, you take yourself to the doctor for a check up, you even get an accountant to look at your books, but when was the last time you gave your employee practices an audit? Do you know if you are legally compliant? Are you sure you are getting the…

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