HR Systems Implementation

Every company has an HR system, whether it is a filing cabinet full of papers, a spreadsheet updated monthly, a payroll system or a fully integrated HR system, information is recorded, held and used to ensure that employees have their employment administered accurately. As an organisation grows, the system they use may begin to fail, tasks become more time consuming and errors become more likely to occur.

Fully Integrated HR System

The introduction / upgrade of an HR system is a major project, usually with a major cost implication. It involves executive buy in and support from not only HR, but often IT and Finance as well. DOHR can hold your hand from the very beginning, from helping you to identify your needs and select your provider through to implementation, testing and deployment. We can project manage a new system implementation or the upgrade of an existing system. Working across the business and using project management and communication skills, DOHR will ensure a smooth transition for the business.