Compensation and Benefits Design

Our HR Specialists understand that rewarding employees so that they are motivated and paid competitively and fairly is a combination of art and science. From basic pay to bonuses, from healthcare to cinema tickets and from annual leave to childcare, your employees are all different and so are their needs. Getting the reward package right may be the difference between a new employee accepting a job offer from your company or taking one from the company down the road. It may be the difference between retaining key talent and losing it to the competition.

A Strategic and Practical Approach in HR

DOHR adopts a strategic and practical approach to reward. Our Compensation and Benefits specialists start with a full analysis of the current package on offer and any issues or trends currently experienced from this a reward strategy is developed. This will be aligned with the company and HR strategies, the company culture, the needs of the employees and affordability.

The objective is to enable our clients to reward employees appropriately, keeping them engaged with the business, and helping to drive business success.