Policy & Procedure Development

Getting HR policies and procedures right is essential to the success of a company. They set the tone for performance standards, behaviour and help manage both employee and employer expectations. Policies, procedures and processes form the basis for attracting and retaining the right employees and ensuring that it is done both within employment law and with a view to best practice. The impact of policies begins before people even join the company, from recruitment and selection policies, through to compensation and benefit policies and continue until the time that people leave the company from notice periods to the provision of references.

HR Policies and Procedures

Employment legislation changes are made approximately twice a year and businesses have a choice: Making minor adjustments on each occasion to ensure the business remains legally compliant or undertaking a holistic review of all policies and procedures to ensure they are not only compliant, but in line with each other, best practice and the long term needs of the business.

As our clients grow or change, we help them to evolve their HR policies and procedures to ensure they remain legal, strategically aligned, effective and cost efficient.

Although we are not employment lawyers, we have a thorough understanding of employment legislation, case law and practical applications within SMEs. We are realistic with our HR advice ensuring  that it is always appropriate to our clients’ businesses. We generate a number of options and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach so that business owners and managers are able to make informed decisions, resulting in HR policies and procedures they are happy to apply and enforce.