HR Project Management

Project Management is the skill of delivering projects on time and within budget. It usually involves bringing groups of people together who have different skills and priorities and getting them to work together to achieve a common goal.

HR Project Management usually has added complications, as the project is likely to impact on employees. It may need to be managed within the confines of employment legislation and the HR department are usually so busy doing the day job, that taking time out to effectively manage a project with HR implications is just not viable.

DOHR is able to offer HR departments the comfort of knowing that HR professionals with an in depth understanding of the Human Resources environment are leading the project and will identify and mitigate the potential risks that such a project may create.

Projects may include changes to working practices, a large scale recruitment campaign or an office move. DOHR will ensure that legal obligations are met and best practice is taken into consideration. Whether leading a project or representing HR on a steering committee, using our HR specialists, clients can be sure that the needs and rights of employees will not be forgotten, deadlines will be managed and met and budget constraints adhered to.