David Cameron and the 19.1% hot potato

It just seems like it’s one HR hot potato after another right now!

On Tuesday, David Cameron announced plans to bring forward a rule that will mean that companies with more than 250 staff will have to disclose the pay gap between their male and female employees.

As things currently stand, for full and part-time workers, there is a 19.1% difference between what men and women get paid, meaning that for every 80p earned by a woman, a man is earning £1.

Whilst you might not employ 250 staff, the news has relevance for every business, regardless of their size, as it outlines the government’s determination to stamp out ‘gender inequality’.

Can you be sure that you’re treating male and female employees as they’re legally obliged to be treated?  Are there any cracks in your policies and procedures, pay or otherwise?

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