Long Service Awards

Rewarding long service is tricky. You need to consider what you are rewarding, attendance or contribution? In the era of age discrimination, is rewarding long service, rewarding older members of staff and discriminating against younger members who are less likely to be receiving the awards.

What is the purpose of the award? Is it because you have always done it? Is it the right kind of motivation / thank you / incentive for a modern workplace?

I would suggest that gifts are not appreciated. The vase may be lovely, but the company logo and employee’s names and dates of service would probably put off the receiver from displaying it with a bunch of flowers in.

My recommendation is ditch the long service awards. Look at initiatives which recognise all staff for the positive contribution they make to the business: a big contract won; a major project completed on time and within budget; employee of the month as voted by colleagues or customers; outstanding customer satisfaction scores etc.

Align rewards and awards to your business goals and use them to improve employee contribution to the business.

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