Mum vs. Dad

We all know that mum is entitled to maternity leave and pay, and that (if we are truthful with ourselves) in the past potential employers have chosen male over female applicants so as to avoid having to cope with maternity rights.

Now the game changes. New Dads are entitled to up to six months paternity leave AND PAY if mum has returned to work early. Unlike flexible working, the obligation is not to consider but to provide.

If you pay enhanced maternity pay to your female employees then, although not required by law yet, the likelihood is that you will need to treat your male employees equally and that they too should benefit from any enhanced payment schemes.

How will your business cope with this new legislation? What steps have you taken to implement these changes?

Actions for companies are to ensure you have a policy in place for paternity leave and pay and a process which enables notification, planning and business continuity.

Don’t wait until a Dad to be forces the issue. Plan ahead so that your response meets your legal requirements and your business needs.

One thought on “Mum vs. Dad

  1. I don’t envy your situation and wish you the best of luck with it. There are some truly good prvioders out there and there are lots of good things to balance off the bad. I know I would LOVE to be able to run quick errands sans kids on the way to and from daycare and that all the positive pieces you mentioned can be true, too.However, I also have to add that if you truly feel you are not prepared to leave your kiddoes with someone else and if you want someone to chat with about the sacrifices and possibilities of living on one very limited income, plus side work, I am your gal. My husband and I made the difficult choice to have me at home for many reasons, not the least of which was that my teaching income would barely offset the cost of three in child care. It has not been easy thus far and there have been many financial stresses and atypical of our society choices, but we don’t regret our choice. So, if you ever want to chat about it, let me know.Conversely, I know many Mama’s who have found the BEST choice for them and their families is for them to go back to work and to utilize daycare, preschool and traditional school for care of kids.Only you and your husband can know what is best for your family. And, like so many families, you may find that best have different definitions at different points in life. Whatever best is, I am wishing you it.

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