BNI – Change Management

Whoever you speak to in business, they are going through change, or know someone who is going through change. Whether it is increasing or decreasing staffing levels, finding more cost effective ways of working, offering new products and services to old customers or offering existing products and services to new customers, companies must change and evolve to survive.

Change is a beast – do it well and the company thrives, do it badly and the company can be destroyed. When going through change it is essential to bring the hearts and minds of employees with you, to enable them to share your vision, your dreams. But employees often resist change, if forced upon them, if delivered as a fait a complis.

I am able to work with companies to ensure they remain legally compliant while taking employees on the change journey.

This week I am looking for referrals to companies going through change and to Accountants Fisher, Berger Associates in Stanmore.

I am Donna Obstfeld, the Company is DOHR and we do HR, making the workplace a better place to be.

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