Employee Engagement Enabling Change

People at work standing talking

As you may be aware, at DOHR we are an authorised partner for a fantastic tool for properly, robustly and anonymously measuring employee engagement. Many of our clients have found that although the score is useful and a great way to measure progress and identify trends, the feedback received in the free text fields is by far the most useful element of the exercise.

Every quarter employers survey all of their staff. The staff are categorised by department and by seniority. Where an employer has more than one location, such as different branches of a shop, they can also split the data by location or region.

All staff receive an email with a link to complete the survey. Reminders are sent out during the two week assessment period. At the end of the assessment period, the results are generated. As long as there are more than 3 people per grouping, the employer can see the results by participation rates, seniority, department, location etc.

The survey measures how engaged employees are with 5 different elements: the purpose of the organisation, the owners of the business, the leadership team, their colleagues and their customers.

Because of the anonymity and the granularity on the platform, we only offer this particular platform to clients with over 20 employees.

Once the results are in and collated, the leadership team or business owners can respond to the whole company and to individuals from within the platform. This maintains anonymity, while accepting feedback, asking for clarification and setting goals for the next quarter.

When starting to work with an employee engagement tool, you must go into the exercise with an open mind and fully prepared to accept the feedback provided. The experience, perspective and thoughts of others will not necessarily be the same as yours, but being able to listen, learn from and improve upon the experience of those in your organisation, will make your organisation much stronger.

For more information about Engagement Multiplier, you can visit our dedicated authorised partner page.