Employee Engagement

DOHR are proud authorised partners of Engagement Multiplier. Having an engaged workforce is essential for the long term health and success of your business, so wouldn’t you love to know what your staff think of you and your organisation?

The Engagement Multiplier

Brave business owners ask the questions and then listen and respond to the answers they get, making changes to their businesses for the best possible outcomes.

The Engagement Multiplier tool enables companies all over the world to become better places to work. Employees are asked for their input via confidential and anonymous feedback because business owners want employees’ input to drive positive change.

No matter how you feel about your company today – whether you feel there’s a lot that needs to change or that you’re already operating in a fabulous environment – there’s always room for improvement.

As an authorised partner, we are able to offer you an initial FREE trial of the Engagement Multiplier Survey. Once you have your results, we will work with you to understand them and to put in place an action plan to address any issues raised.

We also offer you the opportunity to subscribe to the platform, so you can see the progress your organisation makes with your employee engagement initiatives.


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