Can you spring clean in the Autumn?

September always feels like a good time for a Spring Clean. The kids are back at school, most of the workforce are back from their summer holidays and business owners have had a chance to get off the rat wheel – if only for a while perhaps.

So why carry out a spring clean in Autumn? A fresh pair of eyes, an objective review of the business, a critical analysis of what the business needs to do in the next 12 months to survive, grow and be successful. Time to dust off the cobwebs and prepare the business while people are feeling refreshed, invigorated and motivated.

Autumn is a time when people often leave a business, deciding to move on to new challenges. This is a time when a business needs to review its plans for Christmas, prepare for the new year and set long term objectives.

So how does this all link to HR? That is after all our area of expertise!

Well for the past few years October and April have been the main points at which new employment legislation comes into force. All UK employers need to ensure they know what is coming, what changes are required of their HR policies and procedures and how to prepare the business for some significant changes.

Do the finance department know that the National Minimum Wage is increasing on the first of October. Do they know that the higher rate will now apply to employees 21 and over, reduced from 22 and over. Have the budgets been updated to incorporate these changes?

Do employees understand their rights and obligations under the new Equality Bill? Is some training required to mitigate the risk that employers face if their employees are in breach and the employer has done nothing about training? Have policies and procedures been updated to reflect the new legislation?

As always when new employment legislation comes into force, there is an opportunity to review and refresh the company’s approach to managing people.

HR Audits, workshops & focus groups with employees and senior management team brain storming sessions, will all help employers to ensure that their HR policies and procedures are, and remain, legally compliant and business relevant.

What are you doing to ensure you comply with the new legislation? Do you believe that the changes will affect your business? Do you know what the changes are?

Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope you don’t get caught. Find out, make the change and make your workplace a better place to be.