• What do they really want?

    What do they really want?

    I had a conversation with a client this week about the struggles they are having to improve performance. They are a recruitment agency, so like other recruitment agencies and estate agents who we look after, the staff are set targets and are paid on their performance. However, from our conversation, it appears that the incentive…

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  • To bonus or not to bonus?….. that is the question.

    With news that RBS are set to overhaul their bonus scheme, and the Lib Dems denouncing NHS managers pay, bonus payments for all staff are once again in the spotlight. Companies who choose to use a bonus to incentivise performance should develop a robust and transparent scheme which encourages the particular behaviours the company values…

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  • Do we need a high pay commission

    When you hear that 100 key figures have come out in support of a ‘high pay’ commission, it does make you stop and reconsider your view, re-evaluate your thoughts and do I want to change my gut reaction? ……….. No. Why do we need a high pay commission? Is it shutting the door after the…

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