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Interviews With Donna Obsfeld

On this page, you will be able to listen to a selection of conversations and interviews which Donna Obstfeld, Founder, Managing Director and Chief People Officer of DOHR has had on air.

18th June 2021

Age Discrimination in the recruitment process and why some job applicants are removing all indicators of their age from their CVs.

In this interview Donna and Roberto Perrone of BBC Three Counties Radio discuss modern day recruitment, age discrimination, artificial intelligence and the impact of redundancy on job seekers. You can click on the image to hear the interview or listen here or read our blog on the topic here.

Equal Pay between males and females for work of equal value

As the BBC’s Carrie Gracie steps down from her role as China Editor, why are the BBC still not paying males and females an ‘equal’ amount for doing the same job? Donna and Roberto discuss the HR issues around Equal Pay. 

Should non-smokers be entitled to more annual leave than smokers?

Donna and Roberto Perrone debate whether those people who don’t take breaks during the day should be given more annual leave and the risk of discrimination that this might expose employers to. You can listen here.

Why do some women believe they can only get on in their careers if they are NOT a blonde?

Does your hair colour really make a difference to your ability to get a job? Is brunette better than blond? Today’s report appears to suggest so. Donna and Roberto discuss.

Executive Pay

Is there any value in publishing executive pay and the variation between that pay and the average pay of other employees? Donna discusses executive pay with Roberto Perrone and how waving executive pay in the face of the ordinary employee can destroy motivation

The Human Rights and Equality Commission have said that all jobs should be advertised as ‘flexible’, but is this realistic?

How would your business cope if you had to advertise all positions as ‘flexible’? Donna chats with Ollie and believes that companies should have a choice about employing people on a flexible basis and does not believe that this should become obligatory. 

Dressing for summer? What are people allowed to wear to work? Is it appropriate to wear flip flops and shorts? Not according to Roberto

Join Donna and Roberto as they chat about what to wear when temperatures exceed 30 degrees.

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12th June 2017

Vote Labour and you could find yourself at the top of the selection list for redundancy 

In this interview with Andy Collins of BBC Three Counties Radio, Donna discusses what happened when an unwitting employer sent out an email which some employees took offence to and forwarded to the GBM…. Employers, be careful what you say as it will be written down and used in evidence against you!

Will giving employees a year off (unpaid) to care for elderly parents work for employers?

Similar to shared parental leave, this initiative sounds great in theory, but really is not very practical for businesses owners, especially the smallest of employers. Listen to the discussion here.

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15th May 2017

11th May 2017

Which should employers hire for, Beauty or Brains?

You can listen to the debate here. Which do people prefer and which is required in the workplace?

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