..... With a Difference

We’re not a ‘recruitment agency’.
We’re not head hunters.
We don’t do ‘temps’.
We DO help our clients to fill specific vacancies,
drawing on our extensive expertise to find the right employee for your organisation.

We’ve been helping UK SMEs with their HR needs for a long time now.  We work with over 100 businesses every single year; helping them build happy and healthy teams within their organisations whilst staying legal and compliant.

Simply put: we know a lot about what a successful team looks like.  And that’s why we’re frequently asked to assist our clients with their recruitment needs.

To be honest, recruitment isn’t something we set out to provide when we started, but over the years we’ve found ourselves to be more than adept at finding specialist positions for clients in a number of different sectors.

So when our clients ask for help, we provide it.

If you need help with your recruitment, the best thing for you to do is pick up the phone and give us a call on 01923 866040,
and we’ll see if we can help.

Holistic Staff Resourcing

Our recruitment service came about because of the amount of time we spend working with management teams within SMEs. 

Generally speaking we perform the role of the “HR Advisor”, which means that we’ve got a really solid understanding of the structure within the organisation as well as the key skills that the business needs within its various roles.

This knowledge allows us to assist with recruitment in a variety of different ways; from advising on a suitable organisational structure to advertising for roles to interviewing and appointing new employees.

If you’re after help with:

  • Designing organisational structures
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Researching appropriate pay and benefits in the market place
  • Marketing a vacancy through recruitment agencies, job boards, social media and head hunters
  • Recruitment administration – tracking applicants, obtaining further / missing information and responding to applicant
  • Candidate management – booking and conducting interviews, obtaining feedback and rejecting or progressing job applicants as required
  • Telephone interviewing and short-listing
  • Psychometric and / or skills testing
  • Interviewing
  • Running assessment centres

                                                                                              …then DOHR might be the team for you!

Pick up the phone and give us a call on 01923 866040. 


We’ll talk through your requirements, explain our costs and go from there.