• Investigating allegations of theft

    Investigating allegations of theft

    You suspect that an employee is stealing from the Company, what do you do? If you get things wrong from the start, it is far harder to recover and can be very damaging. Allegations of theft are probably one of the most difficult things to deal with as a business owner as it raises so…

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  • Investigations


    Over the years I have carried out lots of investigations in the workplace. Some of them have been very simple, open and shut cases which have led to either no action or disciplinary action up to and including termination. These cases have included drug taking at work, theft from a till, sexual harassment, bullying –…

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  • The Elephant in the Room: Loan Elephants – Bullying

    The Elephant in the Room: Loan Elephants – Bullying

    Do you remember the school bully? If so, why? To misquote Maya Angelou, “It’s not what they said, but how they made you feel”. You forget the actual words, but you are left with the feelings. This is true whether the words are positive or negative and their impact can be felt for years. Bullying…

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  • Can I fire a poor performer?

    I have had several calls recently from potential clients looking for help managing poor performers. One of my first questions is always “Do you have a documented policy”? “Have you ever told the person they are not performing to the standards you expect”? In most cases, managers deal with poor performance in one of two…

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