• What is flexible working?

    What is flexible working?

    The term ‘flexible working’ means lots of different things depending on who you are speaking to. To some it is the ability to work part-time, to others the ability to work from home and to others the ability to work shifts or on a zero hours basis. The right to request flexible working has been…

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  • Family Friendly Policies

    A full set of policies around maternity, paternity and adoption leave and pay need to be developed so that employees feel valued and their skills are not lost from the business, but so that they business is able to function effectively with short and long term absences as a result of the prospective and actual…

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  • Is there an alternative to redundancies?

    Recession and redundancies, two big ‘R’ words on many people’s lips. But when times get tough and employers have to tighten their belts, is redundancy the only options, or indeed the best option……. Thinking about one of my clients, things were financially bad, very bad – so bad that if immediate action was not taken…

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