• Anti-fraternisation


    Outdated rules or needed for the modern workplace? The first question for many is: What is fraternisation? Fraternisation is defined as: To associate or form a friendship with someone, especially when you are not supposed to do so. Fraternisation at work is usually about people having relationships with colleagues, but it could also be about…

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  • Discrimination

      Well written policies and procedures which are communicated and applied consistently are the key to ensuring that the risk  of discrimination is reduced as much as possible. Employees (as well as workers and job applicants) could bring claims for discrimination on the basis of Age, Gender, Race, Beliefs, Marital Status, Disability and Sexual Orientation.…

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  • BNI – 60 Seconds – 9th November

    Can your clients afford to settle an employment tribunal claim? Now, I don’t like scarring you, but in 2009 – 10, there were 392,800 claims of which 24% were working time directive related, 19% were unauthorised deductions from wages and 32% were unfair dismissal, breach of contract or redundancy related. – In 2008 – 09…

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