• What is the CIS Scheme?

    What is the CIS Scheme?

    The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a government tax deduction scheme introduced in 1971 to clamp down on those workers in the industry trying to circumvent paying the correct tax (primarily income tax). The scheme has been updated several times to ensure that those within the industry are making the correct tax payments. The scheme…

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  • Brexit: The implications for employers

    Brexit: The implications for employers

    What are the implications for employers in terms of recruiting and retaining staff? The UK’s participation in EU free movement ended on 1 January 2021. In its place, the Home Office has implemented a new points-based immigration system for all migration to the UK, other than for Irish nationals. What does this mean for business…

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  • The New F-Word

    To Furlough or not to Furlough, that is the question. By Fiona Mendel Well it’s been the question I have been asked continuously over the last few weeks. Should we Furlough our staff? If so, which ones? How do I go about it? How do I get them back afterwards? We are all screaming the…

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  • Business Continuity Plan

    There are lots of reasons why a business will write their business continuity plan (BCP). Very often, it’s triggered by a particular event, either something that’s happened within the company or something which the business owner has heard about happening to family or friends. Business continuity plans are sometimes written to enable an organisation to…

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  • DOHR plays a key role in project to combat Sexual Harassment in the workplace

    DOHR plays a key role in project to combat Sexual Harassment in the workplace

    “All organisations can achieve a workplace which is free from sexual harassment” DOHR are now able to announce a partnership with Jewish Women’s Aid to deliver a comprehensive Sexual Harassment Awareness and Management in the Workplace programme. As an HR practice, we have been advising businesses on the need to actively manage and take a…

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  • Winning businesses weaponise their humanity

    Winning businesses weaponise their humanity

    Winning businesses weaponise their humanity Frank Zappa once said: An algorithm can tell you a story but it can’t tell you the whole story, it just doesn’t have the eyebrows. Emotion is everything. We lived through the ages of Content, Context, Attention and Authenticity. We now live in the Age of Humanisation. In this era…

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  • Human Resources

    Human Resources

    HR Have you ever stopped to think about what Human Resources actually covers and why all large businesses have a department dedicated to the management of their people? For many micro and small businesses, the thought of Human Resources (HR) is, well…. Not really a thought at all. There are only 4 key elements that…

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  • Protect your business from the effects of a Tube strike

    With the announcement of two one day Tube strikes affecting the London Underground, businesses need to start preparing now. The first day’s walk out from 7pm on 23rd June will have it’s major impact on businesses on Thursday 24th June. So, how can businesses prepare themselves? One approach used many times in the last is…

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