Your ‘HR in Business’ Audit

Carrying out a full HR audit of a business is complex, but we take the time to really get to know your business – warts and all.

A typical audit will involve several aspects, including:

  • Senior Management Team one to one interviews
  • Mixed department and grade focus groups
  • A document review of policies, procedures and processes
  • An audit of employee records

All audits are individually priced based on the size and complexity of the organisation and it’s HR function.

What next for your business?

As you pay for your audit, what you do with the results is up to you. You are free to take your report and fix the actions identified yourselves. Likewise, you are able to give the report to your own HR consultant who should be able to help you mitigate the risks identified.

Obviously, we are also able to assist you further and work with you to rectify the issues which your audit has raised.

All work is quoted for and charged separately to the audit itself. This work can be done as a stand alone project or as part of an ongoing programme of HR support for your business. The choice is yours.

If you would like to have a conversation with us about our audit services, call us today on 01923 866040 and book a discovery call or email us on [email protected]