• Leave for breaking up?

    Leave for breaking up?

    Traditionally, each year, the first week of January is renowned for the highest number of divorce filings in the year. This is not a decision which people take lightly and coping with a breakup is far from easy. They say that moving house, marriage, divorce and death are the four greatest stresses anyone will go…

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  • Christmas Party – Remember It For The Right Reasons

    It is the last day of November. For many, this is payday, for others it is invoicing day and for some…. It is the official start of the festive season. Over the years we have seen some pretty fantastic Christmas parties. We have also seen some lovely intimate low key affairs where the team come…

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  • Annual Leave

    Many of us look forward to a summer holiday and a well-earned break. We’re just about to come into that time of year when employers will start to see the ebb and flow of their workforce as staff start to take their main holiday.  It’s important to remember that annual leave is much more than…

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