Have you ever been really frustrated with your clients because they are wasting money?

  • Do they complain to you that they are employing staff who are a waste of space?
  • Does your client need to cut their employee spend or use it to pay better qualified staff?
  • Has your client had to take the decision to pay someone off or fight an employment tribunal?
  • As an accountant, can you put your hand on your heart and know for sure that each of your clients has the correct contracts of employment to afford them the maximum protection if an employee decided to put up a fight or take them to an employment tribunal?


We have a solution which you can offer to your clients as a real benefit


Your clients will be able to pick up the phone and access good quality, business focussed HR support.

Dedicated Number: Assigned to you to issue to your clients to enable tracking and reinforce customer relationships

Good Quality: We ask a lot of questions to understand the specific details of the situation

Business Focussed: We don’t tell clients what the law says, we provide practical options and enable business owners to take informed decisions based on their specific business needs


 Free at the point of use


  • No subscription required for clients
  • No need to pre-register to use the service
  • No payment required for 15 minutes of HR advice – usually 10 minutes by phone and confirmed in writing
  • As an accountancy practice you pay a monthly fee to give all of your clients access to multi-award winning HR support
  • Encourages clients to ask for help before making an expensive mistake
  • Mitigates the risks associated with employing staff, giving business owners the confidence to grow





Assistance for practices to promote the benefit they are offering

  • Weekly HR information emails sent to all accountants and clients who have used the service
  • Monthly information sent to Accountants to use to raise awareness of HR issues and encourage clients to seek advice before making big people management decisions

Additional support available if requiredIMG_0228

In many instances, business owners don’t know what they don’t know.

They don’t realise that there are problems with what they want to do and the impact on their business is not even considered. Once the mist is removed, and a business owner starts to ask the right questions, they sometimes realise that there are a number of exposures which need managing.

If they have accessed our services through you and your dedicated line, they will be offered additional support.

There are three models here, and the choice is yours:

  • They recieve a 10% discount on any further HR support they require
  • You recieve a 10% commission on all of your clients’ spend
  • You split the commission, so your client recieves a 5% discount and you recieve a 5% commission