• You need to plan for your business until June AT THE EARLIEST

    You need to plan for your business until June AT THE EARLIEST

    I’m sure you have seen or heard the latest announcements regarding our plans out of lockdown. Finding the key dates was not particularly easy, but then this whole situation is not particularly easy. My focus for today is what happens between now and June (what happens beyond June is another whole discussion to be saved…

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  • The New Normal

    The New Normal

    There are very few occasions in business when you have an opportunity to step back, draw breath and review what has been before and what needs to come next. I do believe that many business owners are now at that point, have just been there or will very soon be arriving at that apex. Many…

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  • To return or not to return?

    This is the question at the forefront of each and every business mind at the moment. Many employers are asking the following questions: How can we bring back employees in the safest way possible? What can we do to mitigate risks all around? Do we bring back employees or leave them on furlough? Do we…

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  • How to Deliver Bad News to Your Staff

    How to Deliver Bad News to  Your Staff

    There is no easy or nice way to tell somebody that they no longer have a job. However, you’re in control of the situation and it’s up to you to do things right. The way you make people feel says a huge amount about you and your business. People will forget about what you say,…

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  • Home Working

    Home Working

    As a result of Coronavirus, the government has today said that as many people as possible should try to work from home, where possible and practical to do so. For some people that’s business as normal, but for others they’ve never had the opportunity or ability to work from home. So how do you work…

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  • Business Continuity Plan

    There are lots of reasons why a business will write their business continuity plan (BCP). Very often, it’s triggered by a particular event, either something that’s happened within the company or something which the business owner has heard about happening to family or friends. Business continuity plans are sometimes written to enable an organisation to…

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  • Snow Days

      How to manage staff when the English weather turns is always a topic for discussion among employers. In this video (one from our #AskDOHR series) we give employers different elements which they need to consider when making decisions about their business and whether or not to pay staff who fail to come to work…

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  • Feeling The Heat

    With temperatures soaring and no sign of an end to these wonderful hot days of summer, employees and employers are both feeling the strain. For absolute clarification …… there is no legal maximum working temperature and to this point, a group of MPs now want to introduce a maximum working temperature of 30 degrees (lowered…

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  • Business Continuity – Plan for the Unplanned

    Business continuity, disaster recovery, whatever you call it, it has to happen. 2011 saw many disruptions to businesses both here in the UK and abroad. How prepared were the businesses, how did they recover and could you do the same? Do you take the view that it will never happen to us and then bury…

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  • Strike Day – Business Continuity

    As business owners we should all have a business continuity plan, but talking to my small business clients, I wonder how many of us do? What happens if we are ill? What happens to our business when we go away? What happens if our Internet access goes down? What happens if our staff can’t get…

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