• Your Company Values Matter More Now, Than Ever Before

    Your Company Values Matter More Now, Than Ever Before

    What are company values? It is relatively rare that small and medium sized businesses have clearly written and well communicated values. However, with an increasingly geographically spread workforce, company values, ‘the way things are done around here’, are more important than ever before. To quote Gino Wickman in his book Traction, Company values are ‘a…

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  • Special Needs

    People don’t need to be employees to take an employment tribunal claim against you (although they usually are, or have been). Job applicants who feel they have missed out on a job due to discrimination can also lodge an employment tribunal claim and therefore taking any special needs into consideration at the recruitment and interview…

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  • Telephone Screening

    When you are recruiting, you could end up with hundreds of applications, once you have sorted the ‘not a chance’ from the ‘possible’, telephone interviewing is a great way of producing a manageable long list (or short list, if you are able to be that tight on your criteria). Work out what your key questions…

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