• Employment law changes for April 2020

    Employment law changes for April 2020

    Development Overview Implementation Date Increase in holiday reference period from 12 weeks to 52 weeks The reference period used for determining a week’s pay when calculating holiday pay for workers with irregular hours will increase from 12 weeks to 52 weeks. The changes are designed to allow greater flexibility for workers in choosing when to…

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  • Ban the phone

    Ban the phone

    Employers and unions are increasingly discussing the right of an employer to ban mobile phones at work. In some organisations, this is already the case, such as large retailers, banks and some medical settings, but it is something which smaller employers still battle with. My mobile number (although not my phone) is still the one…

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  • Social Media

    Companies need to think about what they will and will not allow their staff to do in terms of social media. Do employees have access to company accounts and if so, what are the rules around the use of that account? If employees comment on ‘a day at the office’ what might the implications be…

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  • Do You Have Anyone In Reserve?

    With the announcement today of the scaling back of the British Armed Forces and the increasing reliance on the reservists, commonly known as the Territorial Army (TA), do you know what your exposure and responsibilities are? If you have a member of the TA working for you, then you are legally obliged to allow them…

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  • World Cup

    Love it or hate it, the world cup is coming and as employers, you need to ensure you know what you can and can’t do to protect your business from absent employees. Get it right now and managing employees during the tournament becomes easy. You need a clear policy. Decide how you are going to…

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  • How are you preparing your business for swine flu?

    Do you and your client have a strategy for managing an outbreak of swine flu? Does your sickness policy encourage people to stay at home and work from there rather than come into the office if they are feeling ill? Do you pay for the first 3 days of sickness absence before SSP kicks in?…

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