• What does TikTok mean for the Workplace?

    What does TikTok mean for the Workplace?

    Now I admit I am not the youngest member of the team, but I have found it impossible to escape the rise of TikTok. Up to a couple of months ago I would have asked ‘what’s that’? Another Social Media platform that means nothing to me and you may well be saying the same. So,…

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  • The Implications of Social Media

    The Implications of Social Media

    Whether you like it or not, and however you use it, social media has implications for your business. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and increasingly Instagram and WhatsApp are now central to how we communicate with our colleagues, staff, our clients, customers and how we do our marketing, lead generation and much besides. This means enormous opportunities,…

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  • Social Media

    Companies need to think about what they will and will not allow their staff to do in terms of social media. Do employees have access to company accounts and if so, what are the rules around the use of that account? If employees comment on ‘a day at the office’ what might the implications be…

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  • When Social Media Goes Wrong

    Having to give an employee their notice is never a pleasant experience for either party. If the situation does arise, the best outcome is that both you and the member of staff in question can leave the relationship amicably with the right contracts and paperwork to back you up… However, that’s not always the case.…

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  • Employers should give employees access to Social Media while at work – shouldn’t they?

    I am a technological immigrant and proud to consider myself almost fluent in the language. My children on the other hand are technological natives and for them a world without mobile phones and laptops is as alien as a world without cars is to me. I listened with interest yesterday to digital social media guru…

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