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Culture Legal Policies and Procedures
The ‘working world’ post COVID-19 pandemic does not quite look the same as it did two years ago and although the rigour and pressures of working life have returned in full force for many, the impact of the pandemic looks like it will persist for the foreseeable future, particularly in the form of our working […]Read More… (Read more)
There is a myth that you can dismiss a member of staff if they have less than two years of service. Like all myths, this has some foundation in reality, but actually, if you take a business decision based on this myth, you are likely to end up in an employment tribunal. The reality If […]Read More… (Read more)
Covid-19 Legal
What is a risk assessment? In its simplest form a risk assessment is an evaluation a person completes to ensure that there are no risks or hazards which may cause damage to individuals or assets and if there are, to mitigate those risks or hazards. An employer is required by law to protect their employees […]Read More… (Read more)
A settlement agreement is a legal document which is offered to an employee by their employer as a way of paying them to leave the business. It is offered for a number of different reasons, or combination of those reasons: The employer has not followed a proper legal process for termination of employment The employee […]Read More… (Read more)
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I’ve been away this weekend on business. It’s been the most incredible weekend, full of inspirational speakers, amazing people, catching up with friends who I haven’t seen for two years, and I was lucky enough to be manning an exhibition stand, where we were talking to people about our services. One of the things that […]Read More… (Read more)
Human Resources Legal Policies and Procedures
When an employee is off sick or is still at work but has confirmed they have a medical condition which impacts on their ability to work in some way, it is possible for HR, the line manager or the business owner to request medical information. In an ideal world, your contract of employment will make […]Read More… (Read more)
Discrimination is a legal term used not only in employment, but in society as a whole. It is defined as the unfair or prejudicial treatment of individuals and / or groups of people based on specific characteristics. In the UK, there are a number of characteristics which were classed as ‘protected characteristics’ in the 2010 Equality […]Read More… (Read more)
Legal Policies and Procedures
A written warning is a stage in a company’s formal disciplinary policy and procedure. There may only be one written warning stage, but there could be multiple stages of written warning. It is essential that a company clearly documents their disciplinary policy and communicates it to managers and employees. It may be a stand-alone policy, […]Read More… (Read more)
Covid-19 Legal
There is currently a conflict in legislation which is going to cause employers some massive issues in the coming months and it is only going to be resolved with case law! The technology is in place to provide proof of vaccination from Covid-19, either as a paper-based system or with biometric vaccine certificates. AND Employers […]Read More… (Read more)
Covid-19 Legal
Definition: Lay-offs are useful ways of handling temporary work shortages and adverse trading conditions without having to resort to redundancy. An employee is ‘laid off’ during a particular week if the employer is unable to provide any work for them for that week and as a result, the employee is not paid. Overview: Lay-offs can be a […]Read More… (Read more)
Legal Videos
We’ve had a number of conversations with clients on the phone recently who haven’t really understood what Statutory Sick Pay is. I’m just going to take a moment to explain it. Statutory Sick Pay is money that is paid by the company on behalf of the government. So depending on the size of your payroll, […]Read More… (Read more)
Legal Policies and Procedures Videos
  In this video, we’re going to be talking about annual leave, and very specifically about the ability to carry annual leave forward from one year to the next. Now, there are lots of reasons why people might want to do this, and there may be a business need for them to do it, or […]Read More… (Read more)