Interview’s Toolkit

Getting the right people in your business is essential.

Recruiting the wrong people can cost you thousands of pounds!!!


  • you recruit the wrong person and
  • spend time training them and
  • they are wrong for your business and
  • they are rude to your clients and
  • they make mistakes with their work and
  • they don’t get on with colleagues and
  • they upset suppliers and
  • you need to start the whole process again

………… How much will it cost you in terms of time, money & stress?

img_1401Interviewers ToolkitThe Interviewers Toolkit contains a number of guides, templates and frameworks for hiring managers to use when recruiting new talent for their business.

No matter how big or small your business, having the right people around you with the right skills, experience and values is essential for your business success.

Whether you are an experienced recruiter or hiring for the first time, the interviewers toolkit is an invaluable source of information to help you make the right decisions first time.


  • Process flow chart
  • Guide to writing job descriptions
  • Guide to Interviewing
  • Structured interview
  • Job description templates
  • Letters for managing candidates

Formatted for your choice

  • Electronic – all the documents will be sent to you on a USB stick for you to print and use
  • Hard copy – all the documents will be sent to you in a comprehensive pack with a usb stick containing the template documents




This special birthday offer has now closed.

However, the Interviewer’s Toolkit is still available to purchase so please click here