Can you support us if we have someone internal who does our HR?

We find that a lot of clients come to us and there’s already somebody in the organisation that does HR to a greater or lesser extent.

Sometimes it’s the PA to the Managing Director. Sometimes it’s the finance director. Sometimes it’s the managing director’s wife. We often work with those people to give them the expert input and knowledge that they need.

They’re fine doing the day to day HR stuff: the offer letters or the sickness monitoring or the absence, holiday tracking, stuff like that. But what they’re not so comfortable with is dealing with a disciplinary, a grievance, a change in policy or perhaps introducing new policies. And that’s where we are able to support those people.

It could be that it’s the business owner who wants to do a complete restructure confidentially. We’ve even been called in where there is an HR director and we’ve been asked to remove that person from the organisation.

The way in which we can help you, regardless of whether you’ve got HR or you haven’t, will completely depend on your circumstances.

The best way to find out is to give us a call. Tell us what you’ve got. Tell us what’s working for you. Tell us what’s not working for you, and why we’re having the conversation; and we’ll put a solution in place for you.