Who do we speak to when we need support?

The good news is that I won’t generally be looking after you on a day-to-day basis.

I tend to be a bit of a bottleneck in the business because I’m doing so much, but I’ve got a team of amazing HR advisors. They’re all CIPD qualified and they will take responsibility for all incoming calls.

Now, if you’re an ad hoc client, it’s a little bit of potluck and whoever is free, whoever’s available, we’ll deal with your call. If there’s an ongoing issue, the chances are that the HR advisor that started dealing with that particular issue will see that through for you, because it makes sense.

If it’s very specialist, then an HR advisor with a particular skill set may well step in and take over. And sometimes that will be me, if it’s something that’s very nuanced or something that’s particularly complicated.

If you’re a retained or an outsourced client, then you have a dedicated HR advisor. They will work with you on a day-to-day basis. They get to know your business, know your approach to management and know what you’re comfortable with. Sometimes it’s a little bit of …. some clients will fire people immediately, and some clients will want to follow a very long process. Your HR advisor will get to know your preferences and work with you.

So where possible, we allocate a dedicated HR advisor, but we will bring specialists in as well.