Recruitment is no longer about finding the perfect employee

Record levels of employment, the uncertainty of Brexit and the need for new skills for a modern workplace have led to a significant increase in competition for the best talent in what is now an employee-led recruitment market.

Organisations are having to work harder and harder to attract the right people. That is not necessarily those with the right skills, as skills can be taught, but those with the right aptitude and an attitude which will fit with the company culture.

Recruitment is no longer about finding the perfect employee, it is about marketing your business and the opportunities you can offer so that the right person can join your business and evolve into the perfect employee. To market your business effectively, you have to have something to offer. More than ever before, you need to understand what makes your business appeal to employees and what will differentiate you from the crowd so that the right people apply and want to work for you.

Just like you market your products and services to attract and win clients, you now need to market your business as a whole to attract and win employees. Flexibility is going to be a recurring theme this year with the use of the #Happy to Talk Flexible Working slogan being adopted by an increasing number of businesses, both large and small. Recent studies indicate that if you are able to offer Flexible Working, you are more likely to recruit and retain an engaged workforce.

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