Should I send my staff of external courses?

What is the value of an external course?

 Hi. So I’m back with the eight of clubs today and we’re still on that training and development theme. This one is all about sending your staff on external courses. 

External courses. These are usually expensive and should be used for specific work related purpose. Choosing the right course and ensuring the skills taught are relevant to your business is essential, but equally important is ensuring and facilitating the transfer of that learning back into your workplace. Anyone can attend a course, but it’s what they learn and what they do with that knowledge that counts. And employers have a role to play in enabling new skills and that knowledge to be used. 

Some of your businesses will require specific skill sets, perhaps an accountancy qualification, perhaps an HR qualification. Perhaps if you are in a regulated industry or need people to go through their financial qualifications. Make sure that you’ve got a trusted supplier and what’s being taught is directly relevant to your business. It’s really important to ensure that your staff are representing you in the best possible light when they’re on that external course, but also that the course material is directly relevant to not only their day job, but their development. 

Make sure that the employees can see how this forms part of their overall being.

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