How do I attract job candidates?

How do I write a good job description?

Hi, I’m Donna from DOHR and we’re continuing our series of 52 top tips.

We have our HR in a Box playing cards and you will see there that we have all the different suites and all of the different cards. 

Yesterday, we looked at the ace of diamonds. We were looking at recruitment and it is all about writing job descriptions. The next one in the pack is marketing. And it’s about marketing the job that you have. So, once you know what you’re looking for, you need to attract applicants. You need to market your company as a good employer and your vacancy as a great career choice. 

Where you choose to advertise will depend on the location, industry, sector, nature of the job that you’ve got, your competition and your budget. You need to attract the maximum number of perfect people, so think very carefully about your methods, whether it’s newspaper, job boards, trade press, recruitment consultant, social media, internal refer a friend schemes. They may all be options for you and they don’t have to be used in isolation. So, when you’re marketing, it’s just like any other marketing activity you do within your business. Applicants have choices as to who they apply to, who they choose to work for. It’s all about you positioning yourself so that you give yourself the best opportunity to attract the right applicants so that you can then make a selection decision.

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