How do I set up an interview?

Why is interview set up important?

Hi, we’re looking at 52 top tips for HR, and we are still on the diamonds, which is the recruitment element of our 52 top tips. We also cover employee relations, training and development, and reward. But at the moment, we’re working through recruitment and it is day seven. 

Today, it’s all about setting up for an interview. So, this is an opportunity to make a good impression. A nice invite-to-interview letter will go a long way. Make sure you include time, date, location, parking arrangements, who the interviewer will be, and whether there’ll be any testing or group work involved. 

Clear your diary down, so to make sure that you don’t get interrupted. Go off site if that’s the only way that you can give 100% to the candidates. There’s nothing worse than having people knocking on the door, telephone going, people looking at their phone during the interview. This is about you making a decision about the candidate, and the candidate making a decision about whether or not they want to come and work for you. And that invite-to-interview, and that setting up the environment so that it feels right, says a lot about you as an employer

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