Why is training important?

What is the value of training your staff?

Hi, today’s top tip is the seven of clubs and it’s all about training. The seven of clubs is just one of our 52 top tips for employers and these are really just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more, worth having a look at our website and worth giving us a ring and finding out, but these are top tips. The whole idea of these top tips is just to make you ask a couple of questions about you and the way in which you manage the staff within your business. 

So training: all staff, no matter where they are in their career, require continuous training. The nature of that training will vary based on the experience and the role the employees doing, but training will improve both personal and company performance. Training may be delivered online by a trainer through books, self-study, seminars, webinars, or conferences. Learning is lifelong and both formal, and informal training are part of an employee’s experience. 

Small businesses, particularly generally can’t afford to pay huge amounts of salaries to their staff, but people come to work for lots of different reasons and sometimes it’s the environment and the culture of the business that makes employees want to stay. And if an employer values an employee, training is a really really good way of making sure that your staff have the skills that they need to perform their job at the best possible level. 

Some people are scared to train their staff up because they think that well trained staff are more likely to be headhunted and leave their business. And the money that they’ve invested in them will just walk out the door. However, think about how poor your business will be for lack of properly trained staff. There is a fine balance to be had, but if you really value somebody’s contribution to your business, show them some love, give them some training and let them then use that training to make your workplace a better place for them to be and a better business for you.

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