Why is a Mid-year appraisal important?

How do mid-year appraisals
benefit your business?

 Hi, I’ve got another top tip for you today and today it’s the five of clubs, and the clubs are all about training and development. So the five of clubs, we’re talking about the mid-year appraisal. 

Life changes very rapidly in some businesses and therefore the objectives set at the beginning of the year may no longer be relevant at the end of the year. By holding a mid-year appraisal, there’s an opportunity to review progress against the objectives that were set and ensure that employees are still on target. It’s an opportunity for the manager to ensure that what they asked of the employee at the start of the year is still relevant for the business. 

It’s really important for motivation and for business success that the employees are all pulling in the right direction. That means knowing what they’ve got to deliver. That comes from management, that comes from leadership. That’s your job. Make sure your staff get reviewed on a regular basis.

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