Live online training for all those people, managing people!

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Thursday 7th December, 10am

At DOHR, we have been running live training on zoom since 2018.

They are one-hour sessions and include a live Q&A. Designed for business owners and line managers, they offer practical advice which can be implemented as soon as the training is over.

As an HR practice, although we are mindful of employment legislation (and there is a lot of it), we provide advice which is practical and business focussed. It will never be illegal, but it won’t be legalistic. You won’t need a law degree to manage your staff in a practical, robust, caring and nurturing way.

In our live sessions you will get ideas, practical solutions, context, understanding and options.

We strongly believe in enabling you to run your business the way you want to run it and our live online training sessions are a strong part of that mix.

While the online training sessions will give you general advice, ideas and things to think about, it is important that you get advice specific for your business.

The law specifies minimum standards which must be followed, but in addition, there is case law and best practice. These change over time.

Your company’s specific policies and procedures are also vital. They must be written so that they at least meet minimum standards, but they may exceed them. When managing your staff and making decisions, it is vital that you do not breach your own contracts, policies and procedures.

Planning for 2024

There are currently 19 pieces of legislation which impact employers on the schedule for debate in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. 2024 will see some of these become law and others move closer to becoming law.

As an employer, you need to be ready. You may need to make changes to your contracts of employment, your policies or what happens in practice within your business.

You need to run budgets, you need to account for changes, you need to start planning NOW!

Join us on 7th December for our last live online training of the year and make sure you get the chance to get answers to your questions.

Register now for the next live online training

Thursday 7th December, 10am