BNI – 60 Seconds – 30th November

From time to time, BNI members get the opportunity to talk for 60 seconds about another members business. This week, the lovely Paul Abbot of Coraff Carpets presented my 60 seconds and I thought I would share it with you …………….

How does Donna make the work place a better place to be?

Firstly she has to get to know your business quickly, she looks at what is practical for the business and looks to audit the HR side of your business.

What does that mean?

No preconceptions – Donna comes fully unencumbered without any of your hang ups that are to do with your business, the one you have taken years to build up in some cases.

She offers you guidance to allow motivation and incentivisation of your workforce , helps you to create the correct contracts of employment, and helps make you legally compliant.

I was amazed at some of the large companies that donna had worked with who it seemed could not organise the purchase of paperclips let alone the organisation of a work force.

I thought unwisely that HR was trying to squeeze the most out of your employees.

HR is not about policing people

Good HR is enabling the business to manage its people effectively

That’s how you make the work place a better place to be.